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2009.06.18(Review of 2006.09.14 edition)

Hello again!

Today's edition explores The First Law of Draft Revision: No matter how many times you revise a draft, you always find something new to change!

Today's Lesson
(first) DRAFT / REVISION   第一稿、草稿/改訂、改訂版


  • A draft (noun) is a version of a document, talk, etc., as it develops from the earliest to the final version.

    Revision (noun) is the act of revising something. It is also the new (revised) version of something.

    When talking about the stages of drafting and revising a document, talk, etc., we often use expressions such as “first draft,” “second draft,” “final revision,” etc.
  • 名詞の draft とは、書類や講演原稿などを、初期段階から最終稿まで進展させていく下書きの原稿、つまり、草稿のことです。

    revision は、何かを修正する行為のことです。また、修正された新しい原稿、つまり、改訂版をさすこともあります。

    書類や講演原稿などを作成したり、改訂したりする段階について言う場合、初稿(第一稿) “first draft”、第二稿 “second draft”、最終改訂版 “final revision” という表現をよく用います。



  1. A large number of changes have been made since the first draft. It's a very different document now.
  2. Here's the latest draft of the text for our product information brochure.
  3. Didn't you do a spell-check of the final draft? There are at least half a dozen misspelled words in this memo!
  4. I finished an outline of the report on Monday and should have a rough (= requires a lot of revision) draft to show you by the end of the week.
  5. a: We're still working on the third revision of next year's budget plan.
    b: Well, that'll have to be the finalrevision. We have to present it to the Board tomorrow.
  6. (on the back cover of a book)
    This newly updated revision of a classic textbook reflects recent advances in the field.

英会話レッスンWe've just finished making the final revisions to tomorrow's edition. Keep an eye out for it!