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2009.06.17(Review of 2006.09.13 edition)

So, you've got your first draft. Well, that's a good start, but the work's far from over. Now it's time to take out the red pen!

Today's Lesson
REVISE   修正する、改訂する


  • To revise (verb) a document, talk, etc., is to correct, improve, or otherwise change it.
  • 動詞の revise とは、書類や講演原稿などを訂正したり、よりよい表現に変えたり、その他の変更を加えたりする、つまり、修正する、という意味です。



  1. The final report won't be ready until next week. We're still revising some sections.
  2. It took me longer to revise my novel than to draft it!
  3. The ministry has decided to revise the guidelines for air pollution control in steel plants.
  4. Because of the controversy caused by his unflattering comments about American workers, he's given a revised statement to the press.
  5. They've published a newly revised edition of the book.

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