DRAFT (a proposal)の意味、(提案の)草稿を作成する

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2009.06.16(Review of 2006.09.12 edition)

It's time to put some flesh on the bare bones of that outline!

Today's Lesson
DRAFT (a proposal)   (提案の)草稿を作成する


  • To draft (verb) a document, talk, etc., is to prepare a first or early (not final) version of it.
  • 動詞の draft とは、書類や講演原稿などの第一稿、または初期段階の原稿(最終稿ではなく)の用意をする、つまり、草稿、下書きを作成する、という意味です。

DRAFT (a proposal)


  1. a: I finished drafting my dissertation last week.
    b: Congratulations!
    a: Don't congratulate me yet. It's still pretty rough.
  2. If I draft a proposal, would you be willing to look it over before I present it to the full committee?
  3. Could you draft a letter for me? I want to thank Ms. Ambrose and her staff for their hospitality during my visit.
  4. I usually draft an outline of my ideas to show to the editor before I actually begin researching a story.
  5. We've drafted a working version of the conference agenda, and we're asking the organizers to send us comments and suggestions for changes.

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