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2009.03.10(Review of 2006.02.28 edition)

Sometimes it's not easy keeping one's own brilliant thoughts to oneself. So when an opinion needs expressing, here's the word you're looking for!

Today's Lesson
COMMENT   批評する、コメントする、批評、コメント


  • To comment (verb) is to give your opinion on something or some information about it.

    The noun form is also comment.
  • 動詞の comment は、何かについて意見を述べたり、情報を提供したりする、つまり、批評する、コメントする、という意味です。

    名詞形も comment で、批評、コメント、という意味です。



  1. You shouldn't have commented on his new haircut. I think you hurt his feelings.
  2. One of our business guests commented that our Deluxe Rooms are the best value for money she's ever gotten.
  3. (reporter)
    I asked the company's president how he intends to deal with the problem, but he refused to comment.
  4. REPORTER: Is it true that your company is filing for bankruptcy?
    PRESIDENT: I have no comment at this time.
  5. Your comments on my presentation were very helpful. Thank you.
  6. The director made some very interesting comments about ethics in business during his talk.

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