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2006.09.27(Review of 2005.01.25 edition)

Hello, and thank you for joining us for Session 3 of the Berlitz WordMaster@Work Conference on Business English Development! We trust everyone has had their coffee and is ready to begin. So if you will please take your seats, we'll introduce today's first speaker.

Today's Lesson
AGENDA   予定表


  • An agenda is a list of things to be done; for example, items to be discussed at a meeting or conference or goals to be achieved in the next fiscal year.
  • agenda は、すべき事柄のリストのことです。例えば、会議で話し合う項目や、次の会計年度の達成目標のリストなどをさします。


  1. (during a meeting)
    a: I think we need to talk about product safety.
    b: Well, that's really not on today's agenda. Let's include it among the items to be discussed at the next meeting, shall we?
  2. We still haven't set the agenda for the conference in February.
  3. Improving plant safety is high on our agenda for this year.
  4. The new governor has promised to put education at the top of his agenda.

英会話レッスンThe agenda for tomorrow includes a fascinating explanation of a brand new @Work topic, as well as four illuminating examples. It's sure to be a lively session that you won't want to miss!