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2009.06.01(Review of 2006.11.27 edition)

Greetings and welcome back!

Cell phones and high-speed wireless Internet continue to take over the world of communications, and landlines and dial-up modems are quickly becoming quaint artifacts of the recent past. So there's a certain set of editions we felt pressed to review before they're no longer relevant to today's workplace. The theme is “The Endangered Office Landline!”

Today's Lesson
SWITCHBOARD   (電話の)交換台


  • A switchboard is a central device used to connect calls to individual phones in an office, hotel, etc.
  • switchboard とは、会社やホテルなどで、電話回線を個々の電話機につなぐために使う中央装置、つまり、交換台のことです。



  1. Here's the telephone number for the main switchboard. Just ask the operator to put you through to me.
  2. (temp agency representative)
    We're seeking applications to fill a position for a bilingual switchboard operator at a foreign firm in Tokyo.
  3. Our switchboard hours are from 9 to 6.
  4. The TV station's switchboard was jammed by thousands of calls after the controversial broadcast was aired.

英会話レッスンThe switchboard is now closed. Please call back during regular @Work business hours.