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2005.07.06(Review of 2004.03.25 edition)

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Some people work for the same company for 40 years, while others work for 40 companies in the same year. Which would you prefer?

Today's Lesson
TEMP   派遣社員、臨時雇い


  • Temp (n.) is short for “temporary worker”.

    To temp (v.) means to work as a temporary worker.
  • 名詞の temp は、temporary worker(派遣社員、臨時雇い)を短くした言い方です。

    動詞の temp は、派遣社員、臨時雇いとして働く、という意味です。


  1. We'll never make the deadline without additional staff. Why don't we hire a couple of temps to help out for a while?
  2. a: What does your son do?
    b: He works as a temp in the software development field.
  3. Because it's not necessary to offer benefits and insurance, temps can be a very cost-effective option for certain kinds of work.
  4. a: Have you ever temped?
    b: No. I've always worked for the same company - for 23 years now.
  5. I love temping. I'd get bored doing the same job year after year.
  6. After I got laid off from my regular job, I temped for a few months while I looked for something more permanent.

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