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[business] HOURS   [営業]時間

An hour is, of course, 60 minutes. But we can use the word hours to mean a particular period of time. For example, many companies do business from 9 to 5, so their "business hours" are from 9 to 5.

hours という言葉は、60分に換算できる時間の単位ではなく、何かをする時間(期間)を表すことがあります。例えば、会社の営業時間のことをbusiness hours といいます。
1.(a telephone recording)
We are unavailable at this time. Please try us again during our regular business hours.
2.The doctor's office hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with an hour break from noon.
3.If you need to speak with the doctor after hours, call his pager at 332-2211.
4.Tracy's had to work long hours to finish the project on schedule. These days she rarely leaves the office before 11 p.m.