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This week we offer some help to those searching for “good help” or “gainful employment.” Regardless of which side of the interview table you find yourself on, this is a set of words that'll give you the confidence you need to do your best!

Today's Lesson
FILL (a job)   (職を)埋める、(職に)就く


  • To fill a job is to hire someone to do the job or to be hired to do it.
  • fill a job は、ある仕事をする人材を雇う、または、ある仕事をするために雇われる、という意味です。

FILL (a job)


  1. (online job listing)
    Berlitz Heavy Industries is looking to fill the position of Production Manager at its Mumbai facility.
  2. a: I'm calling about your want ad in the Berlitz Gazette.
    b: I'm sorry, but that job has already been filled.
  3. a: Who did they get to fill Sally's old job?
    b: No one yet. They're still interviewing people.

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