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2009.05.01(Review of 2005.07.15 edition)

In the heady days of the late 1980s, some of these were blank checks with plenty of room for zeros. These days, of course, they're much more modest ... if they exist at all.

Today's Lesson
EXPENSE ACCOUNT   必要経費、経費明細書


  • An expense account is an arrangement between an employer and an employee (for example, a salesperson or executive) to reimburse the employee for money spent on food, travel, entertainment, etc., as part of the employee's job.

    It is also a written record of such expenses.
  • expense account とは、営業や管理職などの会社員が、仕事の一環として食事や出張、接待などで支払った費用を払い戻す、という雇用主と従業員との間の取り決め、つまり、必要経費のことです。




  1. (supervisor to employee taking his first business trip)
    You can charge all of your travel expenses to your expense account.
  2. I just got a promotion, and they've given me an expense account!
  3. It's one of those five-star Gion restaurants that caters to executives on expense accounts.
  4. When he submitted his expense account for the year, we were shocked. He had spent over $15,000 on business dinners and entertainment.

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