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2005.12.16(Review of 2005.04.14 edition)

With privilege and higher pay come greater responsibility and, sometimes, more stress. Nevertheless, few people choose not to climb that next rung on the corporate ladder when it's been offered to them!

Today's Lesson
PROMOTE   昇進させる


  • To promote someone is to give them a higher or more important position than they had before.

    A promotion is an act of promoting someone or of being promoted.
  • promote とは、以前よりさらに高い、もしくはより重要な地位を与える、つまり、昇進させるという意味です。

    promotion は、昇進させたり、昇進されたりする行為のことです。


  1. Kathy has only been with the company seven years, but she's already been promoted four times. I wouldn't be surprised if she were made president someday.
  2. Did you hear the good news? Tim's been promoted to chief editor.
  3. Kazuko has finally been given that promotion she's always wanted. I'm so happy for her!
  4. Let's celebrate your new promotion at a nice restaurant. It'll be my treat.
  5. (supervisor to employee)
    I've decided to recommend you for promotion. You've earned it.

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