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For Life
2009.09.04(Review of 2003.05.16 edition)

The first electronic ATM was installed in 1967 in London, England. Prior to that, if you needed cash, you had to wait in line to speak with a bank teller. What we've lost in human contact, we've gained in convenience. Whether or not the world is a better place for the change, we'll let you decide!

Today's Lesson


  • An ATM is a machine used to make withdrawals and deposits without the help of a bank teller. ATM is an abbreviation for “Automated Teller Machine.”

    ATMs are sometimes called cash dispensers, especially when not located at a bank.
  • ATM は、銀行の窓口係の助けを借りずに預金の出し入れをするための機械、つまり、現金自動預け払い機のことです。ATM は、 Automated Teller Machine の略です。

    特に銀行以外の場所にある ATM は cash dispenser とも言います。



  1. You need your bank card and pin number (= password) to make a withdrawal at an ATM.
  2. (asking for directions)
    Could you tell me where the nearest ATM is?
  3. You can use the ATM over there if you don't want to wait in line for a teller.
  4. They've put a cash dispenser in at the supermarket, so now I never have to worry about not having enough money for groceries.

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