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2009.09.03(Review of 2003.05.15 edition)

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TELLER   (銀行の)窓口係


  • A teller is a bank employee who deals directly with customers by taking deposits, making withdrawals, etc.
  • teller とは、直接顧客に応対して、預金の受け入れや払い出しなどをする銀行の従業員、つまり、窓口係のことです。



  1. (bank employee to customer)
    As you can see, all of our tellers are busy right now. Please take a number and wait to be called.
  2. When taking deposits from customers, bank tellers often count the money two or three times to be sure of the amount.
  3. The man pointed a gun at the teller and told her to put the money in his bag.
  4. (customer to bank employee)
    Which teller should I go to to exchange money?

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