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2009.09.02(Review of 2003.05.14 edition)

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Today's Lesson
WITHDRAW   (預金を)引き出す


  • To withdraw money from a bank is to take money out of an account there.

    A withdrawal is an amount of money taken out of a bank account at one time.
  • withdraw money from a bank と言うと、銀行の口座からお金を引き出す、という意味になります。

    withdrawal は、一度に銀行口座から引き出されるお金のことです。



  1. BANK EMPLOYEE: Can I help you?
    CUSTOMER: Yes, I'd like to withdraw some money from my bank account.
  2. (bank employee to customer)
    If you want to withdraw more than 300,000 yen at one time, you'll have to fill out a special form.
  3. You can do everything at convenience stores these days, even make deposits and withdrawals.
  4. I lost my wallet yesterday, and the bank just called to say that someone tried to use my card to make a big withdrawal.

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