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Directions are instructions for how to get somewhere. You can ask 
, give, or get directions. Directions always has an -s at the end. For example, we do NOT say, "I'll ask that policeman for direction."

directionsは、目的地への行き方のことです。ask for directions(道を尋ねる)、 give directions(行き方を教える)、 get directions(行き方を教えてもらう)、というふうに使います。語尾にいつもsを付けてdirectionsという形で使います。 I'll ask that policeman for direction.(お巡りさんに道を尋ねる)は間違いです。

1. Excuse me, could you give me directions to the nearest post office?

2. I can't find the train station. I'll have to ask someone for directions.

3. a: Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to Ocean World?
   b: I'm sorry, but I don't know. You can get directions at the tourist office near the station.
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