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2009.09.01(Review of 2003.05.13 edition)

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Today's Lesson
DEPOSIT   預金する、預金


  • To deposit (verb) money at a bank is to put money into an account there.

    A deposit (noun) is an amount of money put into a bank account at one time.
  • deposit (動詞) money at a bank と言うと、銀行の口座にお金を預ける、という意味になります。

    名詞の deposit は、一度に銀行口座に預け入れるお金、つまり、預金のことです。



  1. BANK EMPLOYEE: Can I help you?
    CUSTOMER: Yes, I'd like to deposit this money in my account.
  2. Part of my salary is automatically deposited in my savings account every month.
  3. (bank employee to customer)
    If you want to make a deposit, you'll have to wait in line.
  4. A $1 deposit is all you need to open a savings account here.

英会話レッスンThanks for banking with us!