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2005.10.24(Review of 2004.12.21 edition)

Hello again! We've got a terrific week ahead of us! The theme is “Planning” - a critically important stage in any successful venture.

We begin with a word that is watched and analyzed by businesses and individuals as carefully, and with as much interest and anxiety, as a mother watching over her newborn infant!

Today's Lesson
TREND   傾向、動向


  • A trend is the general direction in which something is moving or changing.
  • trend とは、物事が進んでいく、あるいは変化していく大まかな方向のことです。


  1. There has been an upward trend in rents in the area, which is keeping many lower-income families from moving in.
  2. Some music industry analysts claim that the downward trend in new CD sales is a direct result of an increase in music pirating.
  3. If their company can continue the positive sales trend of the first quarter, they should be out of the red very soon.
  4. The continuing growth trend in that industry has resulted in many new companies being formed to get a piece of the action.
  5. This is a great magazine for keeping up with the latest trends in information technology.

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