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2005.02.08(Review of 2003.10.01 edition)

Here's a very “good” WordMaster to brighten your Tuesday with!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
CONSUMER GOODS vs. CAPITAL GOODS   消費財 vs. 資本財、生産財


  • Consumer goods are products - such as food, clothing, and TVs - that are bought by consumers rather than to produce other goods.

    Capital goods are products - such as buildings, machinery, and equipment - that are used to produce other goods and services.
  • consumer goods は、食料や洋服、テレビなど、一般消費者が購入する製品のことで、それを使って商品を生産する目的で購入するものではありません。

    capital goods は、建物や機材、設備などをさし、商品を製造したりサービスを提供したりするために購入する商品です。


  1. We sell spare parts for a wide range of consumer goods, from kitchen appliances to bed frames.
  2. Hello, my name is Trent Williams. I work for a major manufacturer of consumer goods.
  3. It remains to be seen to what degree the recent sharp increase in commodity prices will affect the price of consumer goods.
  4. The company has been investing heavily in capital goods, including lab equipment and machines for a new assembly line.

英会話レッスンOkay, let's see how well you understood today's edition: If you could purchase WordMasters - for instance at a department store - would you call them consumer goods or capital goods? Here's a hint: the answer begins with a “c” and ends with an “s”!