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For Life
2008.03.05(Review of 2001.07.23 edition)

Ready to kick back and enjoy some great TV? Then let's hit the remote and see what's on, shall we?

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(TV) SERIES   (テレビの)連続番組


  • A TV series is a daily or weekly TV program with a regular group of characters or about the same general subject.

    Be Careful[1]! Daily or weekly variety, game, and talk shows are NOT called TV series.

    Be Careful[2]! To talk about the TV programs called ドラマ in Japan, use the word series. When you want to be more specific, use an expression such as “drama series”, “comedy series”, or “detective series”.
  • TV series とは、毎日あるいは毎週、一定の登場人物によって、あるいは同じ題材を放映するテレビ番組、つまり、テレビの連続番組のことです。

    注意[1]:毎日、あるいは毎週放映されるバラエティー、ゲームやクイズ、トークショーなどの番組は TV series とは言いません。

    注意[2]:日本で「(連続)ドラマ」と呼ばれているものは、英語では一般的に series と言います。drama series と言うこともできますし、comedy series(コメディーの場合)、detective series(刑事ドラマの場合)などと言うこともできます。



  1. They show some of the best TV series from America on Japanese television.
  2. A new documentary series about China in the 21st century is going to start next Tuesday on Channel 66.
  3. (watching a movie)
    Didn't that actress used to be on a TV comedy series a few years ago?
  4. (fictional news report)
    “Berlitz and the City”, the hugely popular television drama series, started shooting today for its tenth and final season.

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