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For Life
2008.03.04(Review of 2001.07.25 edition)

Hello again!

One thing that always keeps television programming fresh and exciting is that it comes in every color of the rainbow. Variety is the spice of life and the lifeblood of an entertainment medium that has to appeal to billions of viewers.

Here's a sampling of what's on today!

Today's Lesson


  • A variety show is a TV program that includes several short performances of singing, dancing, comedy, or other kinds of entertainment.

    A talk show is a TV program on which guests talk with a host about interesting or entertaining subjects.

    A game show is a TV program on which people try to win prizes by answering questions or by competing in other kinds of events.

    A reality show is a TV program on which ordinary people are placed in interesting, funny, or challenging situations for our entertainment.
  • variety show は、歌や踊り、コメディーなどのちょっとしたパフォーマンスを含んだ番組、つまり、バラエティー番組のことです。

    talk show は、ゲストが自分自身の興味のあることや楽しみについて、ホスト役の人と話す番組、つまり、トーク番組のことです。

    game show は、クイズに答えたり、イベントで競い合ったりして、賞金や賞品を獲得する番組、つまり、ゲーム、クイズ番組のことです。

    reality show は、ごく普通の人が、興味深く、面白く、または困難な状況に置かれることを楽しむ番組、つまり、リアリティー番組のことです。



  1. TV variety shows are extremely popular in Japan. Especially during prime time, it sometimes seems like that's all that's on.
  2. (TV advertisement)
    Max Berlitz, host of the hit talk show “Talks to the Max”, will speak with three young teachers about how they're revolutionizing (= making important changes in) language education.
  3. A friend of mine won $10,000 on a game show last year. He had to guess the titles of songs hummed by celebrity guests.
  4. Have you seen the reality show where a group of strangers have to survive alone in the middle of the desert?

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