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For Life
2008.03.03(Review of 2001.07.16 edition)

Welcome back from the weekend and welcome to the start of a major television event, brought to you by Berlitz WordMaster and our other proud sponsors. For the next two weeks, the King of Popular Entertainment, the television, steps into the spotlight to delight, thrill, and amaze us!

Prepare to be entertained!!

Today's Lesson
(TV) PROGRAM / (TV) SHOW   (テレビ)番組


  • A TV program or TV show is a performance, event, etc. shown on television.
  • TV program または TV show とは、パフォーマンスやイベントなど、テレビで放映される番組のことです。



  1. a: What's your favorite TV program?
    b: The Berlitz Mystery Theater. It's on Friday nights at 9.
  2. Did you see the program about global warming on TV yesterday?
  3. a: What's the most popular TV show in America these days?
    b: I'm not sure, but it's probably one of those reality shows.*
  4. * To find out what a “reality show” is, join us again tomorrow!

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