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2007.11.22(Review of 2005.09.08 edition)

Hi! To “streamline” an aircraft is to reduce wind resistance so that it moves more smoothly and efficiently through the air. If you think of an office as a complex machine working hard to make forward (and upward!) progress, you'll understand the spirit of today's WordMaster@Work!

Today's Lesson


  • To streamline an office, an organization, work, etc. is to make it more efficient by making it simpler.
  • streamline とは、会社、組織、仕事などを簡素化することによって効率をよくする、という意味です。



  1. We've hired a consultant to train the staff in more effective time management. He's begun by showing us ways to streamline routine office work.
  2. (hotel manager)
    We purchased some new computer software to help us streamline the reservations process.
  3. The new CEO is suggesting layoffs in order to streamline the organization.
    He says that just by streamlining management alone, we could save $5 million a year.
  4. (medical doctor)
    With the new streamlined record-keeping procedures, I have more time to focus on my patients.
  5. Careful placement of office furniture and equipment, efficient filing systems, and intelligent use of information technology all play an important role in creating a streamlined office.

英会話レッスンIt's been a pleasure gliding through this week with you. Now enjoy the long weekend!