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2007.11.19(Review of 2005.09.05 edition)

Welcome to another week of Berlitz WordMaster@Work! It's great to have you here!

It's no secret that countless hours are wasted unnecessarily in offices around the globe. This is the reason for all those books with titles like “Don't Work Hard, Work Smart” and “Diet for a Leaner Office”. Well, this week's @Work editions should help you cut some of the fat out of your workday!

Today's Lesson


  • Time management is the control of your time in order to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • time management とは、効率と生産性を向上させるために、自分の時間の使い方を調整することをさします。



  1. A day planner can be a very useful time management tool.
  2. I know that I could get so much more done during the day if I just had better time management skills.
  3. Poor time management is the main reason I wasn't able to do very well in college.
  4. Several of the people on my staff attended a time management training seminar last month. Since then, they seem much more organized, productive, and happy in the office.

英会話レッスンWe hope you can manage to join us again tomorrow for more workplace fun. We promise you it'll be worth your valuable time!