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Equipment is a set of things used for a specific purpose, such as sports and camping gear, tools for carpentry, a fire fighter's clothing and gas mask, etc.

Furniture is tables, chairs, dressers, beds, desks, bookshelves, etc. that make rooms functional and comfortable.

Equipment and furniture are uncountable and never take an "-s". We use the phrase "a piece of" when we want to talk about one item.



equipmentfurnitureも数えられない名詞で、語尾に-sを付けることはありません。ひとつの物をさすときは、a piece of ~ を使います。

1. Photography is an expensive hobby because of all the equipment that is necessary.

2. a: What's this piece of equipment used for?
   b: It's for climbing on ice.

3. Janet has a lot of antique furniture in her home. The rooms are comfortable and elegant.

4. We just have a few more pieces of furniture to cover, then we'll be ready to paint the office.
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