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2005.12.05(Review of 2000.12.18 edition)


Can you feel it in the air? It's that time of year again - the holidays! Christmas is less than three weeks away and New Year's follows soon after that. So from now until the end of the New Year's holiday, to help you celebrate, we're proud and happy to bring you “WordMaster for the Holidays!”

Today's Lesson
(holiday) SEASON   (年末年始の)時期


  • If something happens at about the same time every year, we sometimes call that time of year its season.
  • 毎年大体同じ頃に何かがある場合、その頃を season と呼ぶことがあります。つまり、時期のことをいいます。


  1. I love the holiday season. I wish every month could be December!
  2. (written on a Christmas card)
    Season's Greetings! (= a traditional greeting for the holiday season)
  3. The baseball season in Japan is about seven months long - from April to October.
  4. Mayumi decided to have her wedding during the rainy season because she wanted to be a “June bride”.
  5. Golden Week is one of the peak seasons for hotels in Japan.

英会話レッスンHappy holidays from Berlitz!