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For Life
2005.07.14(Review of 2002.07.11 edition)


It felt wonderful to be out in the sun with you yesterday, but, personally, we may have overdone it. Our skin feels like we just spent 10 minutes in a microwave oven!

Maybe we should have used some of this stuff?

Today's Lesson


  • Sunscreen is a cream or lotion (= thin liquid) you spread over your skin to protect it from the sun.
  • sunscreen は、日に焼けすぎないように皮膚に塗るローションやクリームです。つまり日焼け止めのことをいいます。


  1. (at the beach)
    Do you have any sunscreen? I forgot to bring mine.
  2. You'd better put on some sunscreen before you go outside. The sun is pretty strong today.
  3. I never go out without sunscreen or a parasol.

英会話レッスンTake care of yourself - and your skin!