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Today's Lesson
INSIDE / OUTSIDE   中に、屋内に/外に、戸外に


  • Inside can mean in a building or other structure.

    Outside can mean NOT in a building or other structure.
  • inside は、建物の中に(で)、という意味です。

    outside は、建物の中ではない、という意味です。


  1. Let's stay inside today. It's too hot to go out.
  2. It's starting to rain. We'd better go inside before we get wet.
  3. a: Wasn't the weather perfect today?
    b: I wouldn't know. I was inside all day studying.
  4. In case of rain, the event will be held inside.
  5. a: Where's James?
    b: He's outside.
  6. How about eating outside on the patio tonight?
  7. In the summer, I usually spend most of my time outside working in the garden.

We won't keep you inside any longer.