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Greetings! Consider today's WordMaster a pat on the back for all the good things you've done lately!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー


  • Congratulations! is something you say to someone to show that you recognize - or are happy about - their success, good fortune, etc.

    Be Careful! When used in this way, this expression is always plural. We do NOT say Congratulation!
  • 誰かの成功や幸運を認めたり、一緒に喜んだりする気持ちを示したいとき、Congratulations! と言います。

    注意: Congratulations! と、必ず-sをつけて、複数形にします。Congratulation! とは、言いません。



  1. (to a couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary)
    Congratulations! Fifty years of marriage is quite an achievement these days!
  2. a: I won first prize at the piano competition!
    b: Really? That's wonderful! Congratulations!
  3. a: Congratulations on your promotion! You deserve it!
    b: Thank you.

英会話レッスンCongratulations! That was another step forward toward Mastery of the English language!