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For Life

Hello! The romance continues! Now that things between our boy and girl have gotten serious and the engagement is official, it's time to make those life-changing promises in front of family, friends, and THE LAW!

If any WordMaster reader knows any reason why we shouldn't continue this theme for another week, speak now or forever hold your peace!

Today's Lesson


  • Marriage is the legal relationship between a husband and wife.
  • marriage  は、法律上の夫と妻になること、つまり、結婚という意味です。  


  1. My dream is to have a happy marriage and three or four kids.  
  2. Her first marriage lasted only a year.
  3. Arranged marriages used to be common in many parts of the world.
  4. You'll need to bring your marriage license and passport when you apply for a visa.
  5. Marriage counselors can help couples who are having problems with their marriage.

There's no going back now!