For Life
2006.12.12(Review of 2002.02.13 edition)

If you haven't yet caught the sports fever, be careful, because it's definitely going around. And once you've got it, it's a tough bug to shake!

Today's Lesson


  • The final is the last stage in a competition, in which the strongest athletes or teams compete for first place.

    The semi-finals are the next to last stage in a competition, in which athletes or teams compete for a chance to be in the final.

    The preliminaries are the earliest stage in a competition. They are often held before, and separate from, the main competition to remove weaker athletes and teams.
  • final は、上位の選手やチームが優勝をかけて戦う最後の試合、つまり、決勝戦のことです。

    semi-finals は、上位の選手やチームが決勝進出をかけて戦う試合、つまり、準決勝のことです。

    preliminary は、競技会の最初の段階で、弱い選手やチームをふるいにかけるためにメインの試合の前に行われる試合、つまり、予選のことです。


  1. When is the men's 100-meter final going to be held?
  2. Tickets for the finals of the most popular events can cost hundreds of dollars.
  3. Any of the four teams competing in the semi-finals could win the first-place trophy.
  4. When I was in England, I was able to see a women's semi-final match at Wimbledon, live in Center Court.
  5. Sometimes only a few spectators come to watch the preliminaries.
  6. My daughter had practiced so hard, but she wasn't even able to make it past her preliminary. She was very disappointed.

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