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2005.05.11(Review of 2004.08.03 edition)


Today's WordMaster@Work and yesterday's (“RETENTION”) make an important pair. Make sure you understand why!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違えやすいボキャブラリー
TURNOVER   (客)離れ、(客の)回転、(従業員の)離職


  • Customer turnover is a measure of how many of a company's (external) customers later choose to purchase products or services from a different company. (Businesses usually want to REDUCE this kind of turnover.)

    Customer turnover can also be used to talk about the number of customers a restaurant, coffee shop, retail shop, etc. serves during a particular period of time. (Businesses usually want to INCREASE this kind of turnover.)

    Employee turnover is a measure of how many employees leave an organization and are replaced by new ones during a particular period of time.

    Be Careful! To understand the relationship between turnover and “retention”, compare today's first three examples with yesterday's.
  • customer turnover は、ある企業の(外部)顧客のうち、どのくらいの人が別の企業の商品やサービスに乗り換えるかを示す尺度のことです。(通常、企業はこのような turnover は減らしたい、と考えます。)

    customer turnover は、レストランや喫茶店、小売店などで、ある一定の時間に入るお客さんの数について言う場合もあります。(通常、店や会社はこのような turnover を増やしたい、と考えます。)

    employee turnover は、ある一定の期間内にどのくらいの従業員が入れ替わるかを示す尺度のことです。

    注意: turnover と retention の関係についてより理解を深めるために、今日の例文1~3と、昨日の例文1~3を読み比べてみてください。


  1. The money we spend trying to increase our market share could be put to better use trying to reduce customer turnover. It costs much less to keep existing customers than to attract new ones.
  2. In the competitive airline industry, customer turnover is a serious concern. That's why many airlines offer incentives to frequent flyers, such as free tickets and upgrades.
  3. We've lost more than 45% of our employees over the past five years. The reason employee turnover is so high is because we have one of the worst benefits packages in the industry.
  4. (restaurant manager)
    Customer turnover during the lunch rush is still too low. Maybe we should stop serving free coffee after meals so that customers will leave more quickly.

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