FREQUENT FLYERの意味、飛行機を頻繁に利用する人

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2005.04.25(Review of 2004.02.24 edition)

Welcome back to WordMaster as we join the rest of the country in counting down the days until Golden Week. It's a season of travel in Japan, so we have four editions that will serve well for both business travelers and vacationers. That's WordMaster doing double-duty before the holidays!

Today's Lesson
FREQUENT FLYER   飛行機を頻繁に利用する人


  • A frequent flyer is a person who travels by airplane often, especially on the same airline.
  • frequent flyer は、よく飛行機を利用する人のことで、特に頻繁に同じ航空会社を使う人のことを言います。


  1. (customer to travel agent)
    I'm a frequent flyer on Berlitz Airlines, and I'd like to use some of my frequent flyer miles to purchase a ticket to Tahiti.
  2. (airline pilot making an announcement to passengers)
    Passengers who are also frequent flyer program members will earn 6135 miles on this flight.
  3. (new employee to veteran employee)
    Is it possible to use the frequent flyer points I earn on my business trips to buy tickets for personal vacations?

英会話レッスンThank you for flying with Berlitz WordMaster. We look forward to serving you again!