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2012.02.15 (Review of 2008.04.28 edition)

What sets a five-star hotel apart from run-of-the-mill accommodation? Allow us to count the ways: impeccable style and taste, exceptional service, in-house dining to die for ... and lots of these!

Today's Lesson
AMENITY   暮らしを快適にするもの、設備


  • An amenity is something that makes living or working in a place more enjoyable, comfortable, or convenient.
  • amenity とは、生活や仕事を、より楽しく、快適に、便利にするもののことです。



  1. I knew I wanted to work there as soon as I heard about all the amenities they provide for employees: a daycare center, an exercise room with showers, an employee lounge with a 150-inch plasma TV ...
  2. Swimming pools are so common here people don't even consider them an amenity. It's just assumed that every home will have one.
  3. I've booked you a room at the Berlitz Towers Hotel with all the amenities.
  4. The standard of living in that part of the country is very low. Most people lack even basic amenities.
  5. The city is using this year's budget surplus to upgrade public amenities.

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