BOOK (a flight)の意味、(飛行機を)予約する

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2009.04.28(Review of 2005.07.11 edition)

“Book a flight” ... If you think it means reading to pass the time between airports, then read on!

Today's Lesson
BOOK (a flight)   (飛行機を)予約する


  • To book something - for example, a flight, a table at a restaurant, or a room in a hotel - is to make a reservation.
  • book は、飛行機、レストランの席、ホテルの部屋などを予約する、という意味です。

BOOK (a flight) 


  1. I've booked a table for two at the restaurant for 7:00.
  2. My secretary was able to book us seats on a direct flight to Antwerp.
  3. a: We're going to have to cancel our trip. My boss wants me to work next weekend.
    b: But I've already booked the room!
  4. He seems to be a very busy electrician. He said he's fully booked until July.

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