BY THE BOOKの意味、規則通りに、型通りに

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The "book" in this expression refers to a manual or rule book. In other words, it's the way something is "supposed" to be done.

Today's Lesson CATEGORY: イディオム
BY THE BOOK   規則通りに、型通りに


  • To do something by the book is to do it by exactly following the rules and instructions.
  • by the book は、規則や指示にきっちりと従って何かをする、という意味です。



  1. a: How are you getting along with the new manager?
    b: Well, we've had a few run-ins already. You see, I've sort of gotten used to doing things my own way, but he likes to do things by the book.
  2. I got into some really hot water bending the rules last time. So this time, I'm going by the book.
  3. Our foreman is a by-the-book sort of guy without much creativity or resourcefulness.

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