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2008.06.19(Review of 2005.09.30 edition)


We're back on the factory floor for another day among the engines of industry. So punch in, put on your hardhat, and join us for the Thursday edition!

Today's Lesson
FOREMAN   (現場)監督


  • A foreman is a worker who supervises a group of other workers in a factory, at a construction site, etc.
  • foreman とは、工場や建設現場などで、他の労働者たちを指導、管理する人のことです。



  1. (plant manager to worker)
    I've been very impressed with your performance this past year. In fact, I've decided to make you foreman. Congratulations!
  2. Since I became foreman, I spend about half my time working side-by-side with the men on the factory floor and the other half doing supervisory and administrative work.
  3. (workers at a large construction site)
    a: One of the men just fell off the scaffolding. He's a little shook up, but I think he's all right.
    b: Well, you'd better tell the foreman. He'll want to file a report.

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