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Do you think you have what it would take to survive alone on an uninhabited island? You'd have to come up with ways to use whatever resources were available there to meet your needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Well, if Robinson Crusoe could do it, why not you, right?

Today's Lesson


  • A resourceful person is good at finding ways to achieve his or her goals even in difficult situations.

    The noun form is resourcefulness.
  • 人について resourceful と言うと、困難な状況でも、自分の目標を達成する手段を見つけるのがうまい、つまり、機知に富んだ、という意味です。

    名詞形は resourcefulness で、機知に富むことをさします。



  1. My image of a successful entrepreneur is someone who is innovative, bold, and resourceful.
  2. The new president proved to be an extremely resourceful leader, helping the company to overcome the worst crisis in its history.
  3. They're self-made people, who admire persistence and resourcefulness above all else.

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