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MANUAL vs. HANDBOOK   取扱説明書、マニュアル vs. 手引書、ハンドブック


  • A manual is a book that tells you how to do something, especially how to use a machine.

    A handbook is a book - often a small one that's easy to carry around - that gives important or useful information about a subject, especially (in business) about an organization.
  • manual は、何かのやり方、特に機械の使い方が書かれている冊子のことです。

    handbook は、あるテーマ、特に(ビジネスにおいては)組織について、重要な情報や役に立つ情報が書かれている冊子のことで、持ち歩きやすい小型のものが多いです。



  1. (in a car)
    a: What does that indicator light on the dashboard mean?
    b: I'm not sure. Check the owner's manual.
  2. (calling customer service at an electronics manufacturer)
    a: I lost the user's manual for my PDA. Where can I get another copy?
    b: You can actually download a copy directly from our Web site.
  3. The instruction manual was so full of jargon I could barely understand it.
  4. (new employee orientation)
    If you turn to page 43 of the employee handbook, you'll find a description of our company dress code.
  5. I sure got a lot of use out of my Berlitz Spanish Vocabulary Handbook while I was on business in Madrid.

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