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Today's Lesson
COORDINATE   まとめる、調整する


  • To coordinate two or more people, groups, or parts is to organize them so that they work together effectively.

    The noun form is coordination.

    A coordinator is someone whose job is to coordinate something.
  • coordinate は、複数の人やグループ、部分をまとめて、共同で効果的に働けるようにする、つまり、まとめる、調整する、という意味です。

    名詞形は coordination で、調整、という意味です。

    coordinator は、何かを調整することが仕事の人のことです。



  1. It will be your job to coordinate the work of each team, letting them know when and how to proceed.
  2. You'll need to coordinate with the city government to make sure that we get all the necessary permits on time. We can't afford any delays.
  3. Reducing healthcare costs without compromising on quality will take a coordinated effort among government, physicians, and insurance providers.
  4. If we could find some way to improve coordination between ourselves and other NGOs, we would all be a lot more effective.
  5. I'm the employee training coordinator for a multinational technology and consulting firm.

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