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2011.09.01  (Review of 2008.07.30 edition)

We're on a fresh trail today, and tension and hopes are high. Stay alert, because the Great Job could be very close!

The cover of a book tells you at a glance what's inside the pages. So can you guess what today's topic means?

Today's Lesson


  • A cover letter is a letter describing the contents and purpose of the documents or other items it was sent with.
  • cover letter とは、書類や品物と一緒に送られる、中身や目的を説明する文書、つまり、カバーレターのことです。



  1. (want ad)
    Please send a resume, cover letter, and two letters of recommendation to Berlitz Industries, PO Box ...
  2. This applicant's cover letter is very well written, isn't it?
  3. I received this report in the mail today, but there was no cover letter explaining who sent it or why.

英会話レッスンWe wish you luck today!