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Here's a situation that can motivate even the most timid of men to take to the hunt!

Today's Lesson
UNDEREMPLOYED   能力を十分に発揮できる仕事についていない


  • Someone is underemployed if their job doesn't fully use all their skills and experience.
  • underemployed は、仕事で、その人の技能や経験が十分に活用されていない状態を表します。



  1. No, I'm not unemployed, but I am underemployed. I feel like all my education is going to waste.
  2. This town is filled with underemployed college graduates. For example, the barista at my favorite coffee shop has an advanced degree in medieval studies.
  3. The glass ceiling at this company means that too many of my female co-workers are underemployed and frustrated.

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