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2010.01.19 (Review of 2007.01.10 edition)

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Today's Lesson
ADVANCED DEGREE   (大学院の)上級学位


  • An advanced degree is a university degree that is higher than a bachelor's (= BA, BS, etc.); for example, a master's degree (= MA, MBA, etc.) or Ph.D.
  • advanced degree とは、学士号(文学士(BA)、理学士(BS)など)よりも上級の学位、例えば、修士号(文学修士(MA)、経営学修士(MBA)など)や、博士号をさします。



  1. You'll need an advanced degree if you want to teach at a university.
  2. My career counselor thinks I can double my salary if I get an advanced degree.
  3. (a junior in college)
    I can't decide whether to start working right after graduation or pursue an advanced degree.
  4. How in the world did she manage to work full-time, raise two kids, and earn an advanced degree all at the same time?

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