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2011.08.22  (Review of 2008.07.22 edition)

Greetings and welcome back from the weekend! We hope it was sublime!

This week, we venture into the wilderness for two weeks of big-game hunting. The "trophy animal" we seek is known as the Great Job - a magnificent, soul-stirring beast with a colossal salary and majestic benefits. Now that's a trophy anyone would be proud to display!

Today's Lesson
JOB HUNT   就職活動


  • To job-hunt (verb) is to look for work. A job hunt (noun; no hyphen) is this activity.
  • job-hunt(動詞)は、仕事を探す、という意味です。 job hunt(名詞;ハイフンなし)は、仕事を探す行為、つまり、職探し、就職活動のことです。



  1. Students in Japanese universities often begin actively job-hunting in the fall of their junior year.
  2. (career counselor)
    The most important tool for a job hunt of this kind is a well-crafted resume and letters of recommendation from former employers.
  3. After a rather lengthy job hunt, she was finally offered an entry-level position at an educational publisher. And she's been with that company ever since.

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