TAKE A BEATINGの意味、大損する、大損害を被る、ひどい敗北を喫する

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Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
TAKE A BEATING   大損する、大損害を被る、ひどい敗北を喫する


  • To take a beating is to lose a lot of money, market share, value, etc., to badly lose a competition, or to be damaged or harmed by something.
  • take a beating は、多額のお金や市場シェア、価値などを失う、競争でひどい敗け方をする、または、損害や被害を受ける、という意味です。



  1. The airline took a beating last year, reporting losses of nearly half a billion dollars.
  2. (owner of a small grocery store)
    We've been taking a real beating since that supermarket across the street opened.
  3. It wasn't just tech stocks that took a beating today. Stock prices plummeted across the board.
  4. Tim's softball team took quite a beating over the weekend at the company league championship.
  5. The manufacturer's reputation has really taken a beating since the recall.

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