RECALL (a product)の意味、(欠陥商品を)回収する

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2009.10.30 (Review of 2007.06.01 edition)

Hello again! Congratulations! You've managed to pull yourself through more business catastrophes than most companies face in a lifetime. Now, there's just one more little thing that's just come up ...

Today's Lesson
RECALL (a product)


  • To recall (verb) a product is for the manufacturer to ask customers or dealers to return the product to them because it's defective.

    The noun form is also recall.
  • recall (動詞)は、欠陥のあった商品を返品するように、メーカーが顧客や販売業者に要請する、という意味です。

    名詞形も同じ recall です。

RECALL (a product)


  1. The manufacturer is recalling 10,000 vehicles in order to repair a defect in the switch for the front lights.
  2. Negative publicity following the company's third product recall in two years has caused the value of its stock to plummet.
  3. The government ordered a recall of the popular toy due to safety concerns.

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