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2009.12.02 (Review of 2007.03.28 edition)

You may have heard the saying “The family that plays together stays together.” Well, we'd like to offer a variation: “The OFFICE that plays together spends productive days together.”

Hey, it rhymes!

Today's Lesson
(COMPANY) LEAGUE   (社会人)リーグ


  • A league, such as those organized at many companies, is a group of people or teams that compete against each other in sports.
  • 多くの企業で組織されている league とは、社員がグループまたはチームになって、スポーツで競い合う競技連盟、つまり、リーグのことです。



  1. I always encourage new employees to join the bowling league. It's a great way to get to know your co-workers.
  2. Our company's recreational (= just for fun) volleyball league has 26 members now.
  3. The inter-company (= involving two or more different companies) tennis league meets every Wednesday evening at 6:30.
  4. The sales division's softball team won the league championship last year.

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