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2011.04.14 (Review of 2007.06.15 edition)

Even the most valuable data set is essentially useless if you don't have the knowledge and insight to uncover the message behind the numbers!

Today's Lesson
INTERPRET (data)   (データを)解釈する


  • To interpret data, results, etc., is to explain what they mean.

    The noun form is interpretation.
  • interpret とは、データや調査結果などが意味するところを説明する、つまり、解釈する、という意味です。

    名詞形は interpretation で、解釈のことです。



  1. (description of a statistics class in a course catalog)
    Students will learn how to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret numerical data.
  2. (from a talk at a mortgage brokers' conference)
    I would interpret these results to mean that a majority of the public views real estate as a more secure investment than stocks.
  3. We had three analysts (= experts in analysis) review the survey results, and they gave us three completely different interpretations of the data.

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