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2011.03.28 (Review of 2008.11.17 edition)

Hello. It's good to be back. We hope you're well.

This week we consider the question of how to make the office pleasant and productive from 9-to-5 and beyond, day after day. It's no easy task, but one that's certainly well worth working at!

Today's Lesson
(office) ENVIRONMENT   (オフィス)環境


  • The environment of an office, factory, school, or other place is the set of conditions there that can affect the mood and behavior of the people who spend time there.
  • environment とは、オフィス、工場、学校、その他の場所が、そこで過ごす人々の気分や行動に影響を与える状況、つまり、環境のことです。



  1. I realized years ago that I don't function well in an office environment. But I thrive in the classroom.
  2. The company tries to foster an environment that encourages innovation and risk-taking.
  3. The new city regulations will ensure that everyone is able to work in a smoke-free environment.
  4. Lots of natural light and an all-wood interior, soft jazz, great coffee, great people - you couldn't ask for a more pleasant working environment than this!
  5. I work in a very competitive environment, and the stress to perform can become overwhelming at times.

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