(HUMAN) ERRORの意味、(人的)ミス

@Work 2010.11.16
One reason for Murphy's law was perhaps best stated by the English poet Alexander Pope when he said “To err is human.”
Today's Lesson
(HUMAN) ERROR   (人的)ミス
An error is a mistake.

Human error is a mistake caused by a person rather than by a machine or system.
error は、誤り、ミスのことです。

human error は、機械やシステムではなく、人が引き起こすミスのことです。
1 The editor found numerous errors in the latest revision of the manual, including 17 spelling errors and 8 errors in punctuation.
2 People trust their lives to the equipment we produce, so we can't afford to make errors in the factory.
3 Every time I try to close the application, I get the same error message.
4 The plant manager is finally being held accountable for his many errors in judgment and is being asked to resign.
5 An independent report concluded that the accident was due to human error.
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