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2006.04.13(Review of 2004.08.26 edition)

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We love today's word! It's attractive, impressive, and of great value to the person who possesses it. Sounds like something we could all use a little of!

Today's Lesson
EXPERTISE   専門知識、専門技能


  • Expertise is a high level of knowledge or skill in a particular field, job, or activity.
  • expertise は、ある分野、仕事、活動に関する高度な知識や技能のことです。


  1. (in a job advertisement)
    Persons with technical expertise in statistics and data management are encouraged to apply.
  2. (in a brochure for a management consulting company)
    You can trust that our consulting staff has the expertise to make your small business competitive in today's market.
  3. Our company has a great deal of expertise in teaching employees how to manage their time better.
  4. We were impressed by the expertise with which she performed her job. Her long years of experience really showed!
  5. He uses his expertise as a civil engineer to help developing countries construct dams for irrigation projects.

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